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Pleated Blinds for glare protection – the ideal office accessory

Plissee OfficePlissee Office If you are furnishing an office, certain aspects concerning light and light reflection at your workstation need to be considered. Electric light that provides enough brightness during the day with little natural light is easily thought of. But what can be done at those time of the day during which the sunlight is too intense? It is not sufficient to block the sunlight completely since natural daylight is important to keep us healthy and in a good mood. So, rather than blocking the light out completely, it is advisable to choose window treatments that reduce glare while still allowing the maximum amount of natural daylight to come in. We offer a variety of fabrics that offer just this. For detailed information on the relation between light transmission capacities, glare protection and directionality of the window see below the fabric display.

There are some advantages pleated blinds as glare protection offer in comparison to other window treatments.

  • Huge selections of suitable fabrics in any given color – therefore pleated blinds are easily integrated into any interior style.
  • You can choose between different transmission values to meet your needs.
  • Pleated blinds suitable for glare protection are also available for oddly shaped windows (trapezoids, triangles and more).
  • It is possible to install more than one pleated blind on big window surfaces and thus achieve protection exactly where it is needed in the room and leave other areas uncovered.
  • Pleated blinds are not just for glare protection. They may provide heat protection and other functions as well.
  • Pleated blinds can be used on roof windows and skylights as well.
  • A pleated blind virtually takes up no space at all if it is installed as inside mount, i.e. within the glazing bead of the window.
  • Pleated blinds are low-maintenance and very easy to clean. Most of them are washable.
  • For the special demands of public facilities, pleated blinds are available with flame retardant coatings.

Glare protection with pleated blinds – it’s all about transmission.

If you select a certain fabric, all its properties are displayed right next to it in our configuration guide. For glare protection, the transmission value is most important as it lets you know how much daylight passes through the pleated blind if it is closed. The higher the percentage of the transmission value, the higher the amount of light coming into the room. How much glare protection a display workstation needs depends on the time of day and on the direction of the window in the room it is in as well as its size. Glare protection naturally needs to be higher on windows facing south than it needs to be on windows facing north or east.

The following chart provides approximations of minimum transmission values:

North East South West
15 - 20% 2 - 6% 0 - 5% 2 - 6%

Please keep in mind: This is merely an approximation and a lower transmission value (meaning higher glare protection) might be called for. For example on a north facing window right opposite a bright colored house. If in doubt we recommend opting for higher glare protection since light can additionally be regulated by positioning the pleated blind on the window – if you choose top-down/bottom-up installation.