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Honeycomb blinds–Our decorative energy savers

Honeycomb blinds offer a range of advantages over simple pleated blinds. If you are looking for high solar protection, honeycomb blinds might be the right choice for you. Once installed they hardly differ optically but may provide the following properties to a higher degree:

  • Room Darkening
  • Insulation, protection from heat loss
    Insulation, Protection from loss of useful heat
    Fig1. - Insulation, Protection from loss of useful heat.

All other Properties provided by pleated blinds are also covered by the honeycomb blinds:

  • Visual cover
  • Keeping room temperature down in summer
  • Decoration
  • Manufacture exactly to measure
  • Precise fitting to oddly shaped windows (triangles, trapezoids, arches)
  • Easy modes of operation
  • Easy mounting options
  • Diverse special properties like suitability for wet rooms or display work stations

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Saving Energy with Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds are built using two layers of pleated fabric positioned behind one another, resulting in honeycombed spaces between the two layers of fabric. These spaces are filled with air, acting as insulation between room and window. The insulating effects may be amplified by applying aluminum or other reflecting coatings to the inside of the honeycomb blinds and also ensuring complete opacity.

  • Honeycomb blinds air chamber
  • Honeycomb blinds air chamber

Windows can often be weak points regarding insulation. Honeycomb blinds can prevent this by slowing down heat exchange at the window. A team of scientists at Fraunhofer Institute concluded that the loss of useful heat via the window area can be reduced by up to 46% using honeycomb blinds, saving money and the environment all at once.

Saving Energy in summer

So honeycomb blinds are a nice way to reduce heat loss. But honeycomb blinds and simple pleated blinds can also provide protection against the heat of the sun if they are laminated with a reflecting coat on the reverse. This coating can reflect the majority of sunlight before it reaches the interior and is transformed to heat on various surfaces. So, in order to save energy in summer and winter, a honeycomb blinds with reflecting lamination is ideal, several of which are available here.

Room Darkening Features

Fabrics for pleated blinds that block out the light completely are available here. However, should you wish to be able to darken the room almost completely, honeycomb blinds are the right choice for you. Since their double layered design reduces the holes for the tension cord resulting in a more darkened room. The only loopholes left for any light to get in are the lateral gaps between pleated blinds and window frame, bay or wall-depending on your chosen mounting option.

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