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  • ✓Minimal depth blinds
    ✓Cordless operation
  • ✓Top-down / bottom-up operation
    ✓Perfect for tilt and turn windows

Highly Functional and Decorative Window Treatments

A fresh and new way to decorate your windows, provide solar protection, visual cover, and much more is now available in the Canada and the United States. Pleated blinds made in Germany offer functional aspects of window treatments and a new, straight design.

Great News for your Windows: Order Custom Made Pleated blinds Here

What is it you are looking for in a window treatment option?
Is it a variety of practical functions; ranging from various degrees of solar protection and visual cover via energy saving potential to special suitability for display work stations or wet rooms? Or is it the possibility to decorate, to lend the window and the room a distinctive flair and give your interior design an adequate finish?

Well, look no further because our pleated blinds offer both, independently from one another.

Color and decoration

You will find a large selection of different colors for your custom made pleated blinds in our shop, so you can easily find the right kind of fabric for your style of interior design. Plain fabrics make up the majority but patterned and flowery options are available as well. The different styles and colors vary from tame and sedate to rebellious, glamorous, and amplified. The choice is yours.

All things practical

In addition, pleated blinds may meet all the demands you would normally pose on shutters and blinds. They provide excellent visual cover and solar protection whenever you need it. They help keep the room cool in summer and reduce heat loss in winter. There are fabrics available suitable for display work stations, for bathrooms or for bedrooms. There are even fabrics that are flame retardant and fungicidal. Any color may combine with any property.

Feel free to browse the following sites for more detailed information on different properties of our pleated blinds. For information about possible mounting options and instructions on how to measure please visit the corresponding sections in our shop. Or just try and configure a layout for your custom pleated blinds. If there are any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help.