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General information

Our products are made in Germany – this guarantees you the highest quality and precision for a perfect fit and long lasting use.

Throughout the shop, certain standards are used to closely describe a certain fabric. If you need further information about what these properties or standards describe exactly, kindly read the following notes.

Light specific properties

The transmission value describes the amount of light that passes through the pleated blinds fabric.

The absorption value describes the amount of light that is swallowed and transformed to heat by the pleated blinds fabric.

The reflection value describes the amount of light that is thrown back by the pleated blinds fabric.

The combination of these values determines if a fabric is transparent, translucent or darkening, and if it is fit for heat protection.

Suitability for display work stations

Anyone who has been working or even gaming on a PC or similar VDU knows that it can be quite tiring on the eyes. To avoid overexertion and exhaustion of the eyes the right kind of lighting is extremely important. In addition to a suitable set-up of display brightness and light in the room it is extremely important to avoid glare from any light source including windows and glass doors.

Of course the grade of opacity for a pleated blind that is suitable for display work stations varies according to the orientation of the window. A pleated blind on a north window can provide protection against glare with a transmission value as high as 20%. The sunlight falling through a south facing window is much more intense. Therefore the highest possible transmission value for glare protection is just 5%. All our pleated blinds with a transmission rate of or below 5% are marked as suitable for display work stations in our shop.

Ventilation and protection against heat accumulation

It is important to guarantee sufficient ventilation between the pleated blind and the glass surface of the window. This is especially important for the inside installation, i.e. the installation within the glazing bead, to avoid glass breakage. Insufficient ventilation may also lead to the accumulation of condensed water, which in turn might stain the fabric or cause mold. There is no warranty on damages to the fabric caused by condensation, detergents or insect soiling.